~June 3, 2009

   * At the e3 Gaming Convention, during the Sony Press conference on June 2, 2009, Jack Tretton, the CEO of SCEA announced that Final Fantasy 14 would be a console exclusive to the PS3. That being said, Square-Enix's new MMORPG will also be released on the PC. Almost nothing is known about the game at the moment but the following.
   * All FFXI races will be present in FFXIV. It can be assumed that players can choose any of these races when creating a character.
   * From the main site it can be assumed that there will be a job system.
   * The MMORPG is scheduled for release in 2010. (This means that both FF13 and FF14 will be released in the same year.)
   * So far no information has been released concerning subscription fees. However there will most likely be monthly fees like FF11

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