On June 3, 2009, Square-Enix held a press conference all about Q&A for FFXIV. Many questions were asked and some answers were given to clear up some confusion.

  • Q: What ties are there to FFXI?
    • A: Well, the races are fairly similar to FFXI but are not the exact same. The world of FFXIV will be completely different from Vana-Diel.
  • Q: What influence has World of WarCraft have on the development of FFXIV?
    • A: We want to aim a bit more to the casual gamer, but we are not going to copy WoW.
  • Q: What will the battle system be action oriented or turn-based?
    • A: We cannot talk about the battle system at the moment.
  • Q: Will level sync and other features involved with leveling from FFXI be carried over to FFXIV?
    • A: Yes, we will have content for both solo players and team-oriented players.
  • Q: Will FFXIV have a worldwide release?
    • A: Yes, and on both platforms. The releases will be split up into four releases: English, Japanese, German, and French.
  • Q: Will there be worldwide servers?
    • A: Yes, and oh yeah... there will be a beta!
  • Q: Any plans to make a Spanish version of the game?
    • A: Not at the moment, production will be based on feedback from players of the game.

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